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Can’t get the right loan? Add a Home Booster.
Add another income to afford more.
Struggling with the deposit? Add a Home Investor.
Family or friends can invest alongside you or gift in smarter ways.
Generation Home is awaiting authorisation from the FCA. Consequently, we cannot provide mortgage offers or advice at this time. All product calculations and visuals are indicative.

Home booster

Can’t borrow enough?

Adding a friend or family member to your mortgage can make all the difference when taking that first step onto the property ladder. No need for a guarantor. 

Home booster

Afford more together

By adding additional incomes to the mortgage, we can lend you more while ensuring repayments remain affordable.

Home booster

Ask for a boost, not a lifetime commitment

A Home Booster is there to help you get started. They don't have to follow you through the full mortgage term.

Home booster

You control how to split repayments 

Everyone on the mortgage is equally responsible for it, but how you divide repayments is up to you. 


Can’t save enough for a deposit?

We provide a way for family and friends to help with the deposit, while preserving First-Time Buyer Stamp Duty privileges.


Ask for a leg-up, not a handout

Give them options. An investment gives them a financial interest in your home should they need or want the money back later. They can also gift the funds in safer and smarter ways. 


We make it simple

Don’t sweat the details. We make the legals, equity transfers and tax calculations simple and transparent.


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