Affording a home is hard. The buying process shouldn’t make it harder.

Generation Home helps with your first mortgage, then supports you to your front door and beyond.

Generation Home is awaiting authorisation from the FCA. Consequently, we cannot provide mortgage offers or advice at this time. All product calculations and visuals are indicative.

Better ways to buy

How do I afford what I need on my salary?

Think about adding a Home Booster. Their help could make a big difference.

What if I can't save enough for the deposit?

Ask family or friends to invest alongside you in exchange for some home equity. You can pay them back or they may choose to gift their stake to you.

Speak to one of our experts

How do I decide what mortgage is right for me?

Our Mortgage Experts can help you get the most out of a Generation Home mortgage. Speak to them online, by telephone or in person. We can also introduce you to some great independent advisers.​

How long does it take to get a mortgage offer?​

We aim to make you an offer within 24 hours of your application. If we need to send someone round to look at the property, it may take up to five days to get you an offer.​

Move home without the hassle​

What happens after I have an offer accepted?

We can take care of the whole transaction for you with our Generation Home Conveyancing service. We'll keep you updated on your progress.

Do I have to use Generation Home Conveyancing?

No, you can always appoint your own conveyancing solicitor. ​

Financials at your fingertips​

How do I stay on top of my home finances? ​

Track your loan balance, house price and more through the Generation HomeOwner App.​

How do we manage if there are multiple Home Owners? ​

The Generation Home Ledger records each of your financial contributions.

Make your mortgage work for you ​

Can I adjust my payments? ​

You can change payment splits between borrowers, instruct payment date or bank account changes, make overpayments and more. All at the touch of a button.​

How can I build equity faster?​

Make an overpayment or set up a regular overpayment plan. We’ll help you get there.​

Achieve your home goals​

My parents helped me out. How do I repay them?​

Your love and devotion? You could also repay them through the Generation Home platform once you build up enough equity.​

What happens when I want to remortgage or move home?​

Whether you want to upsize, raise capital or get mortgage free, we’ll update you with tailored products as your goals and finances evolve. ​

Your home, your journey.​


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